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Trazodone is used for treating depression.

What drug is similar to trazodone ) but they said no. [14:16] <_Err404> I've this before, people need to stop being such shitbags when they ask me to link a shit page [14:16] I think theres always been a need for such forums, the issue is people don't use the ones that are still here [14:16] I never saw any indication that they're doing anything illegal. [14:16] but I think the whole scene is is trazodone a generic drug kinda toxic [14:17] if theres a "clean" place, people who need it will go there [14:17] <+drmischief> ^ I think that if they were breaking any laws it would appear in the logs [14:17] this "fantastic" way to communicate (website) potential/concerned party would make a lot of sense in this case... (this is one of the reasons why I was so willing to make it available for you guys - if it would allow us to "get the bottom of it") [14:17] <+drmischief> aight, sorry :/ also, if the users are getting banned, and not just the site admins/mods/moderators - who are they being banned from [14:17] if there's an admin or mod of one the forums who thinks it's worth keeping, then there are a lot of people who use it to find people/advice [14:17] who have their own problems (and nothing to do with this) [14:17] and might want them to know we're here [14:17] if it turns out to be an adult stuff site, it does tend to attract more serious users :p [14:17] OzW: not even the admins/mods, who are nice people [14:17] == tboat changed the topic to: [#MensRights [#MensRights] [14:17] == tboat has changed nick to miesian [14:17] == mode/#mainsusic [+o tboat] by ozz [14:17] I'd say a lot of people who would go there are on here just to gossip [14:17] <@emmaw> yes people who are in need of some positive info [14:18] tboat: im assuming you have your eyes on a post that went up few days ago [14:18] I'm also on tboat's list - we may yet get some answers there [14:18] <@emmaw> i thought saw like, no more than a couple of posts before [14:18] emmaw: yeah, and I thought it was not the whole thing [14:18] like, there was a post yesterday [14:18] i'm still curious about what the other threads involved are about [14:18] <@emmaw> http://www.reddit.com/r/subredditoftheday it's a good followup [14:18] it's possible /r/femdom was banned as well [14:18] <@emmaw> there are several threads on /r/femdom [14:18] it's pretty cool emmaw: not all about drama. it's learning as much and clearly possible [14:18] lol what else have you found in here??? [14:18] I've also been really confused by the number of posts we're seeing and the lack of clarity from all these people about what is really going on, that seems somewhat suspicious to me. [14:18] <@emmaw> that thread about the other subreddit /r/coontown is quite relevant [14:18] lol good stuff yeah, and the admins could easily shut down subreddits we don't want them too, but then they would]

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What is what is drug trazodone trazodone 50 mg sleep aid? What is trazodone 50 mg sleep aid? What is in a tablet? What is in a tablet? A what drug is similar to trazodone tablet is the main drug for sleeping. It is the smallest of all prescription drugs. It is a flat or rectangular, usually thin, capsule containing the essential drug. It is usually made of plastic, but it is possible to make the tablet from any material. Many what is trazodone 50 mg sleep different brands of tablets are available. The tablet may be transparent (transparent) or opaque; the surface may be smooth, or rough, rough-hewn, as it pleases the purchaser. tablet may be filled with powder, or a liquid. A tablet may look different from some others. It is not essential for the patient to distinguish between them until the patient is well on his road to recovery. The patient may have trouble in distinguishing between them, but general, the more obvious differences appear, then the better it is to use the tablet. Some patients can quickly spot a tablet from packet. It is not necessary to take a new tablet on waking up. What should I do if the tablet has come in contact with something harmful? Take the tablet immediately and clean with alcohol or a cloth; keep it out of the way until it has cooled down. If the tablet is still hot, put it on a cool surface. The tablet has been designed so it can go through a filter. If the filter is not open, it will come in contact with a substance so dangerous that it has no place to be put in the first place. If your drugstore does not have a filter on their tablets, try to find one at a pharmacy. If you can't find a filter, or the filter doesn't open, then try to find a pharmacy that has filter on their tablet. It is recommended that at least one of you should wear gloves while doing this, so do not breathe in any dusts or other materials. The tablet may have passed through a filter, but may contain something deadly. Where does the medicine come from? The tablet is available from health departments, pharmacies and other pharmacies. They are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic. If you can't buy the tablet it can be found in the drugstore; they sell different types of drugs in these places - you may see one drug there, but another drug, for example, might be in your drugstore. The price of medicines in drugstore will vary from year to year. What should I do if the tablet has passed through filter? If all other things are intact, the tablet should be fine - if the liquid or powder is contaminated, then contact a pharmacist immediately. If you cannot get the pharmacist to contact a health department, then go to your local emergency department, or call 911 if you can get to an ambulance. If the filter has not been open in years, it can come contact with poisons - there have been cases of poisonings from these pills. This can happen even if no one has been in contact with it. When should I take the tablet? The tablet should be taken at any hour of the day before bedtime. sooner you can take the tablet better. A tablet should not be taken on a long journey. What if the tablet is stuck to a finger? How long until I can take the tablet?

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