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What to ask your Lettings Agent before you Rent

Posted by iLet Properties on November 8, 2019
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When you look at a property to rent it is easy to forget crucial questions such as how much the Council Tax costs and whether there’s good transport into town. That’s because you’re too busy checking out the size of the bedrooms and noting whether or not it’s a decent washing machine. So, we’ve compiled a check list of questions for you, right here:

How long is the lease for?

You’ll want to know whether it’s a 12 month or two-year lease etc – especially if your job is contract-based and you may be looking for another in a year’s time.

Who do you call with a leaky tap etc?

Sometimes the landlord will carry out all the maintenance work themselves. Most of the time though they’ll pay for the letting agent to handle it so make sure you have the Agent’s number to hand.

What are the utility bills like?

You’ll be able to gauge this by looking at the property’s energy rating. You can ask the letting agent to show you the Energy Performance Certificate (each property must have one by law). If the flat has a high rating ie A, B or C then you’re looking at less expensive bills.

Can you show me the gas safety certificate?

This will tell you when the boiler was last serviced and assure you that the property is safe with respect to the gas plumbing.

Where will you be putting my deposit?

All letting agents must register the tenant’s deposit with one of three Tenancy Deposit Scheme Agencies when they first move in. The tenant must be informed of which Agency it’s sitting in. That’s because in the event of a dispute between a landlord and tenant the Agency will act as an arbitration body.

Are you allowed to redecorate?

It’s nice to be able to put your own stamp on a rented property so that you feel more at home. That could involve more than just putting out your favourite cushions and hanging up curtains. Maybe you want to paint the walls too? Some landlords are fine with this. You won’t know though until you ask…

Is there an alarm system?

You’ll obviously want to feel safe in your rented property, particularly if it’s a ground floor flat or detached house you’ve moved in to. That means having a decent alarm system and doors and windows that fasten tightly.

What’s the storage like?

Some modern apartments these days have very little storage. This can prove a real problem for families. And you certainly don’t want to be shelling out more money for storage facilities. Unless you’re about to embark on some strict Marie Kondo-type decluttering, you may be better with a house and attic.

Is there anywhere to park?

This is a tricky one if the property is in a busy street or there’s a lot of flats in your street. That’s because parking will be at a premium. Also, some city councils charge flat owners for parking permits (which can prove pretty pricey in the long run). Always check parking on the street both during the day and at night. An hour hunting for a parking space when you get home from work every night is no fun!

There – we told you there was lots to think about when viewing that rental property!

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