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Top 10 Safety Precautions a Landlord Should Be Taking To Protect Tenants

Posted by iLet Properties on May 16, 2016
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Renting out your property is one of the best businesses you can start. However, despite the fact that all you need to do in general is to find a tenant and start earning, it is still a business, which means it comes with lots of responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities you have as a landlord is making sure that your tenants are safe. Just like in any other businesses, the customers’ satisfaction is always the priority, and in being a landlord, your tenants are your clients. Well, there are still those other things that you should do as a landlord like getting permits and paying taxes. But when it comes to your tenants, what matters most to them is that they are safe within your home. If you want them to choose and stay in your property, it is important that you show them that they are safe in there. So, here is a top ten list of the safety precautions a landlord should be taking to protect tenants:

Don’t forget to make sure the smoke alarms work. Constant testing may be necessary.
Installing smoke alarms is already a trend in every household, but constantly testing them… is something that usually gets neglected. As a landlord, it may be one of your responsibilities to check on this, not only to protect your tenants, but to protect your property as well.

Walk through the home and find possible areas of trips and falls.
The landlord must make sure that all is well when it comes to his/her rental home, which is why a regular check up is something that has to be done. As time passess by, some areas of the house may need minor repairs. It’s better to see it before injuries happen.

To help protect tenants from burglary, an automatic light timer is a really big help.
If you want to take your tenant protection to a higher level, you can pre install timed lights to help prevent burglary. If you are still in the process of advertising your property, this can make for a good selling point too.

Installing fences may be a minor home addition, but these are good anti-burglary tools too.
Not only do fences act as deterrents and make break-ins more difficult to accomplish, they also make the home look uninviting to burglars.


Aside from burglary, another thing that tenants need protection from are the electricity related issues.


Check on the outlets and see if everything is in good condition. Take note that over time, issues may arise. So before any accidents occur, check and see if anything needs to be changed.


Baby-proofing your home is a great idea too!


Your tenants may have a toddler, or a baby coming in the way, and it’s great if your home is already baby proofed. You don’t have to go all the way, just do what you can to squeeze in baby-proofing ideas as you renovate or redesign the home.


Design the kitchen in a fire-preventive way.


The positioning of your kitchen appliances and your overall kitchen design may say a lot when talking about how safe your kitchen is from accidents. The simplest thing you can do to create a safe kitchen is to position all major kitchen appliances separate from each other like the stove, refrigerator, oven, etc. This does not only avoid accidents, it would also avoid kitchen traffic. Hey, kitchens may well be the most stayed in part of the house.


Buying all important insurance for your rental property is never a bad idea.


As optional as insurances may be, they usually pay off. Although insurances are only helpful when something unfortunate happens, buying one does not mean that you wish for something bad to happen! It’s just a clever idea that has to be paid for. However, if you think buying different forms of home insurance is something you are not financially ready to do, just get one or two which you think would likely be more helpful to you.


If you want to protect your tenants, constant and open communication must be established.


Probably the best way to know if your tenants are okay is by giving them easy access to you. Aside from giving them your number, checking on them on a regular basis is great too! The tenant-landlord relationship is best established when both parties do their part. So as a landlord, make sure your tenants do not encounter any problems caused by your home.


Giving all the extras that you can as a landlord isn’t also entirely a bad idea. It actually even adds up to your home’s rental value to potential tenants.


Extras can go from additional alarms like carbon monoxide detectors, to minor home additions like plants under windows. These may be something you can do without, but they’re not exactly useless too!-


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